Knowing Him – Stepping Out of You Comfort Zone – Noah





Today we are going to look at Noah who was the first person that God called to step out of his comfort zone.  As little kids we hear the story of how Noah built a big boat and took 2 of all the animals on to that boat then it rained for 40 days and they landed on top of the mountain and God put rainbow in the sky as a promise He won’t flood the earth again.  As an adult we tend to not look at exactly what God had asked Noah to do.  We will see with Noah and others that when we are asked to step out of our comfort zone that our families are involved too.

As we look at Noah we first have to look at the size of the step that God was asking for Noah and his family to take.  The ark is the largest wooden ship built.  There were no power tools used it was all done by hand, from the cutting down of the trees to the cutting of the planks.  No wonder it took Noah and his sons between 100-120 years to build the ark.  Take a look at the chart below as to the size comparison of the ark.


Think of all the jokes that people would make about it.  Can you imagine being Noah’s wife in the market place and all the looks and talking behind her back but loud enough that she could hear it about that huge boat her husband was building.  Surely the gossip of the day and how Noah must have lost his marbles.  How uncomfortable she must have felt as she gathered and stored all the food that they would need.

Now think of how uncomfortable it was for them once they and all the animals were on the ark and God had closed the door.  When the rain finally started to fall, the flood waters started to rise and the people started to cry for them to open the door and let them in.  Friends, neighbors extended family members…. all who were laughing and joking about the ark now crying out for them to help them, to save them and they could do nothing.  Then there are no more voices to be heard just the sound of the rain and then that even stops.   Think of the daily caring for the animals.  The thoughts that would go through their minds as to what were they going to find once they got off the ark.

Now a little over a year later when they finally got off the ark and the animals leave and they see that first rainbow do they finally start to feel a new comfort zone as the begin to rebuild the world.  Yet as the went through that time of discomfort the Bible says that in Genesis 6:8, that Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.  A grace that gave him strength and endurance to build the ark.  A grace to deal with being the center of everyone’s jokes. A grace to wether the worst storm in the history of the earth.  A grace that saved him and his family from the wrath of God.  So when God is asking you to take that huge step out of your comfort zone look for His grace to help you as you take that step.



4 thoughts on “Knowing Him – Stepping Out of You Comfort Zone – Noah

    1. Thanks Rachel. It was a total new write that God showed me this morning from the original that is on my FB. I am so excited to see what God has I store next.

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