Knowing Him – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Abraham


Abraham took a giant step of his comfort zone by packing up His wife, his servants, livestock and his nephew Lot’s family and move to where ever God said to go.  This was a huge step of faith to leave your wife’s family and your parents, everyone that you knew and loved to go to only God knows where.  He couldn’t look up on the map and plan where to stop for the night because he didn’t know where God was leading him.

  There were a couple of times as they were on the move that Abraham was way out of his comfort zone that he let his wife be taken by the king of that region in order to save his life.  God had to step in and clean up the mess that Abraham had created and show Abraham that He had everything under His control.

Abraham took another step out of his comfort zone as he took his son Issac, God’s promise to him, up to the mount to offer him as a sacrifice to God.  Knowing that God had said that through this son Abraham will become the father of millions, he was willing to do what God had asked trusting that God would provide for the sacrifice.  God did provide a substitute for the sacrifice.

As Abraham walked out side of his comfort zone he received a blessing from God.  A blessing that extended way beyond his lifetime.

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