Knowing Him – Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone – Joseph


      When you think of Joseph the first thing you think of is his coat of many colors.  Yet when you think about it was the jealousy of his brothers over the coat that caused Joseph to get thrown out of his comfort zone.  Joseph didn’t willing step out of his comfort zone, he was stripped of his coat thrown into a well and later sold as a slave.  How alone and scared he must have felt.

       Then as a slave for I high ranking Egyptian leader he was recognized for his work ethic and Joseph soon became the head slave.  Having found a new comfort zone once again Joseph was thrown out of it by someone else.  This time his owner’s wife, by lust and lies caused him to be thrown into prison.

     There in prison he once again rose to become a trusted prisoner and know to the other prisoners.  So well known that when two of Pharaoh’s servants that were in the prison had disturbing dreams they sought Joseph out to tell them the meaning of their dreams.  When what he had said came true the servant that returned to his job forgot about Joseph and left him sitting in prison.

     Forgotten in prison Joseph continued to do his best.  Then when Pharaoh had a couple of bad dreams and of his advisors could tell him what it meant did the servant remember about Joseph.  After being summoned before Pharaoh,  Joseph told him it was a warning of a coming famine.  Pharaoh made Joseph second in charge of Egypt.  Now he was in a new comfort zone.

     When his brothers came to Egypt to find food during the famine Joseph found  the purpose  for being out of his comfort zone.  Once he revealed himself to his brothers after putting them out of their comfort zone he told them that what they meant for evil, God used for good.

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