Knowing Him – Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone – Mary


Engaged to Joseph, Mary got a visit from the angel Gaberial letting her know that she had found favor with God and that she will bring His Son, the Messiah into the world.  How would she tell her family, let alone tell Joseph?  What would Joseph do to her?  What are people going to say? These and other questions were going through her mind. Yet she knew what God. Says He will do will come to pass for nothing is impossible for Him.

With her cousin Elizabeth being miraculously pregnant  also Mary went and when Elizabeth heard Mary’s voice  her baby leaped for joy because the the Messiah was there. When Elizabeth told Mary  what had happened, Mary was able to praise God for all that was going on in her life. Yet after being ther for three months as she was getting ready to go home how could she not wonder what was going through Joseph’s mind.

Joseph had his own encounter with Gabriel letting him know that it was God at work in Mary and that he should take her as his wife.  So when Ceaser  decreed that everyone had to return to there home town Joseph took Mary with him to Bethlehem  to registrar since he was from the house of David.   When they got there none of the inns had any room for them.  With Mary’s time to deliver coming soon Joseph found an innkeeper that let they stay in his stable so that they might have some privacy.  While there she gave birth to not just the Savoir of the world but her Savoir that had kept her in His care this whole time.  May we at this time of year look to the Savoir and look at all He has done for us this year.

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