Knowing Him – Fellowship in Prayer – Hannah Part 2


Last week we looked at Hannah’s first prayer and how she poured out her heart to the Lord.   We also looked at some excuses that we make as to why we don’t pray.  This week in the first part of 1 Samuel 2 we see Hannah giving and praise and thanks to the Lord for what He has done in her life.

She knew that before no one else understood her pain and suffering except God and now she is proclaiming that He is her Savior and no one else could bring her salvation.  No longer is she seen as having sin in her life that kept her from having children by others.  No longer would she have to listen to the teasing of the other wife.  God had saved her from her sadness of heart and now her heart was full of rejoicing.

Next Hannah declares Him as her Provider not only just food but of everything. There is nothing wrong with letting God know your needs and wants. He may not provide the wants but He will provide the needs. This was Hannah’s major growing point here. She learned that as she trusted in the LORD to provide her a son that life was easier to live. 

She also sees Him as her Protector.  He has provided her the protection from the other wife that her husband wasn’t able to do.  She knew in running to Him, He would be the only not that could protect her from the harassment of the other woman.

Hannah praised and thanked Him for His different attributes.  Not only does He want to hear our request but also He longs for out praise and thanks.

Let me challenge you with this; take time, not just giving God a list of needs but also of praise, declarations and thanks for Who He is and what He has done in your life. Fellowship with God is first won back in prayer and spending time in fellowship with Him is also being still and listening to Him. So rejoice in heart just as Hannah did!


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