Knowing Him – Fellowship in Service – Dorcas


We do not find out anything about Dorcas until after she is dead.  Then and only then are we given a brief  glimpse into her life.  We know that she was a seamstress and made beautiful garments by hand.  She did not sell everything that she made, for she gave some of it to the widows to help take care of her needs.  We also know that she was one of the early Christians and important to God to provide this small look into her life.  Her service to Him was important and an example that He wanted us to know about.

She is a shining example of being His hands. Not  only in the work that she did but in reaching out to those who are hurting, and  in need.  We are to be an example of God’s  to other so that they can experience the love that He has has for them.    With God’s love in her, Dorcas chose to reach out to the widows to show them how He will provide for their needs.

There is a special type of fellowship with God when you let  Him show His love to others through serving Him.  When we surrender to His love  and let Him work through us  not matter what we do in serving Him it will not be a burden.  Not only will we get blessed by doing it but we will bless others in what we do.

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