Knowing Him – Fellowship in Leadership – Deborah


Besides being the only woman judge listed in the Bible over Israel, there are a lot of qualities that go into being a leader.  Deborah not only dealt with disputes among the people she also led them spiritually.   We all in one way or another  are in a position of leadership.  It may be as a boss at work, teacher in school, mentor, or as a parent.  There are so many ways that we lead people that we may not even know people look to us as a leader.

I never saw my self as a leader till I started studying Deborah in depth and that is when I realized that people do look to me as a leader even though I never really sought that roll.  Recently, on of the ladies in my Bible study group on Facebook thanked me for being so transparent because she always thought that a leader never struggled like everyone else.  Never thought  I was a leader in the group just a provider of a way a group of women can get together on the internet and encourage each other in a Bible study, sharing what they learned that day.

The next few weeks will be spent on Deborah because there is so much to learn as a leader even when you don’t see yourself as one.  The verse that we will be using as a filter for what a leader’s role is; Judges 5:31, “So may all your enemies perish, O Lord ! But your friends be like the sun as he rises in his might.”  This verse holds the key to leadership.  The friends do God are like the sun in it’s full strength.  By examining the sun and what it does we will see how Deborah lives that aspect in her life and how it applies to us.


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