Knowing Him – Fellowship in Leadership – Deborah Pt. 2


As we begin our look at Deborah as a friend of God and examine the qualities of being like the noon day sun we will focus on the thirst that it creates.  Having lived in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, AZ; when summer hits and you are outside for any length of time you get very thirsty.   The longer you are out there in the sun the thirstier you get.

At this point of time, Deborah not only create the thirst for God  in the land of Israel but she also quenched the thirst. There was an emptiness that had developed over the years as they had left the One True God.  As the people would come out to her under the tree she would fill that spiritual thirst for God.

We all are at one time or another through out this life are leaders to someone around us.  As leaders we need to make sure that the thirst for God that is created as others see our example is also being filled with the One true source of Living Water.   May we never forget that others are watching us to lead them even when we don’t think that we are a leader.

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