Knowing Him – Fellowship in Leadership – Deborah Pt 3



As we continue to look at Deborah and her role in leadership in respect to the sun, we see that as a leader we are to be a light and make the truth clear.  Deborah did this when the people came to her with their problems.  Another aspect that light does is remove all shadows of fear.  When the sun is directly overhead of a sundial there is no shadow.  Everything is seen as it is.   Like a little child in a dark room afraid of what can’t be seen, so was Barak when he was to go to war Jabin.  Deborah called him out on his fear and because of it a woman would get the final victory over Jabin.

As leaders we have the responsibility to  tell the truth to those that ask us.  There is no hiding behind the shadow of I don’t want to hurt their feelings.  As we will see later that the truth brings healing.  Many times people are afraid to act on what they know they need to do out of fear and a gentle nudge with the truth is all they really need to do what God has for them to do.


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