Knowing Him – Fellowship in Leadership – Deborah Pt. 4


This week I have been reminded of a big effect that the sun has that is not really mentioned yet is a major role in leadership.  That is it purifies the body of disease.  As leader over Israel, Deborah had to call them out on their return to worshipping false gods, idols.  By doing so she brought them back into spiritual health with God, which led to their victory over Jabin.

This week I had to deal with a MRSA Staph break out and was so glad that it happened when the weather was warm in that I could get out in the sun and get the staph exposed to the sun at full strength.  This is something I have learned form my mad scientist and have experienced it several times seeing the staph shrink from exposure to the sun.  This time it was no where near being ready to drain and very painful so I faithfully went out to give it a dose of God’s  medicine.  Within less than 24 hours it had started to shrink, pain was gone, drawn to a head and drained.

Likewise, as leaders we need to expose the problems that we come across with those that are following us so that we can gently lead them back into fellowship with God.  Not force full just a warm exposure to the Light that will bring the beginning of healing.

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