Knowing Him – Fellowship in Family – Mary & Martha Intro


Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking a Mary & Martha individually and together.  Since we are all apart of the family of God, I’m sure everyone can identify with the family relation in Mary & Martha.  I remember in growing up whenever my brother and I would get in a fight I would always tell my mom that my brother started it, which most of the time he did.  Her response to me was always the same no matter what the fight was about, “You are older and you know better.”   How that would infuriate me that he could get away with it.  Wonder if that is how Martha felt when Jesus first confronted her?   Did Mary feel like Martha was always bossing her telling her what to do and when to do it?

There is so much to being in a family and even more in being in the family of God that we can get caught up in he did-she did that we mis out on the One True relationship that matters.  We being in our hurts from others to a point that our relationship with God is hurt because we are focused on ourselves.  As we look at Mary & Martha let us the family dynamics that work into not only our natural family but also to the family of God.

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