Knowing Him – Fellowship in Family – Mary



Is there anyone that you can sit and listen to for hours on end teach and still want to hear more from?  Someone that you just want to absorb somehow everything that they know?   I sure do and I know that is what Mary was feeling as she sat at the feet of Jesus listening to Him.  She didn’t want to miss one word that He uttered as she sat there clinging to His every word.

To Mary there was no time to fuss about the house or prepare a meal, all  she needed was what Jesus was teaching.  His words were life and she knew it.  If Martha wanted to miss out on what He had to say fine but don’t expect her to.

It wasn’t that Mary was too heavenly minded, she just had her focus right were it needed to be.she didn’t let the worries and cares of this world get her heart and mind off of the one thing that is important and that is Jesus.  When we take our focus off of Jesus and put it on the worry and cares of this world that is when we get stressed out.  When we keep our focus on Jesus then the world around us could be falling apart yet we are not shaken by it because we know that He is the One in control of it all.

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