Knowing Him – Fellowship as Siblings – Mary & Martha

As we close our look at Mary and Martha we will we see them with Jesus at the house once more.  Mary is still at the feet of Jesus and Martha is still busy in the kitchen but there is no complaining.  At least not from Martha.

Mary anointed Jesus’ feet with an expensive perfume to show her love for Him.  She honored Him the best way that she could.  While Martha honored Him in preparing a meal without complaining.  Martha had her focus changed as to why she was doing it.  No longer was it a have to but she did it out of love for Him.

When we do things out of love no matter who it is for, it no longer is a burden but a delight.  As we keep our focus on Jesus and the love that He has given us then we are able to work along side our brothers and sisters.  


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