Knowing Him – Fellowship Lost in Trials – Job’s Wife



When you stop to think about it and put yourself in Job’s wife’s shoes, you just might be on her side and join her in saying, “Job, just curse God and die.”  After all she had not signed on for this tragedy.  This is not how she saw her life going.  This was not the fairy tale ending of, happily ever after.  Not only had they lost everything they owned, in the blink of an eye they lost all of their kids in one big gust of wind.  To top it all off, Job was covered with painful boils.  In her mind she could be thinking she was next and surly she was not wanting to follow him down that road.  Her response was totally opposite of Job’s.

When we look back at Eve where fellowship was first lost and we compare Job’s wife with her; we can see their actions are very similar.  First, the both fell into Satan’s trap; Eve fell for the lies and so did Job’s wife. What lies you might ask?   Here are a couple that could have been going through her head; “I’m next, I’m going to be covered. In boils.”  “God hates us and is punishing us.  We are better off dead.”  “If Job is dead then this madness will stop.”.  Instead of seeking to be like God as Eve did, Job’s wife was throwing a big pity party for herself.  Her pain drove her not closer to God as it did with Job but away from God and her husband.

Secondly, they both gave their husbands ungodly advice.  Maybe, back then the wedding vows were different.  Maybe, it is because of Job that the wedding vows stat, “…for rich or for poor… sickness and in health……”  Or maybe, just maybe neither of them understood what is meant to be a helper.  How a wife is to encourage her husband as the spiritual leader not destroy his relationship with God.

Lastly, the pride of life got both of them.  Eve wanted more that what she had in the perfect place she was in.  Job’s wife, lost everything and she in turned focused on herself not Job nor the two of them as a couple, just her and how it all made her look to others.  The center letter in prIde became their focus.  Anytime we get our focus off of God it will automatically go to be on ourselves and it will manifest as poor me what must I do to make myself better.

So, next time trials come let’s remember that:  it is not about just us but those around us are effected too, not to destroy relationships with others or to destroy others relationship with God because of what we are going through.  Most importantly,  may we draw closer to God in times of trial and not let the fellowship that we have with Him get lost. Knowing that only He can see how it will all work together for our good since He is outside of time and space.  Because when we are in the midst of a trial we can’t see the forest for the trees, yet He sees the forest, the trees and exactly what tree is in front of us.


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