Knowing Him – Fellowship Through Transformation – Mary Magdalene


Not much is known about Mary Magdalene before she came to Jesus other than, she came from Magdala and that she was completely possessed by demonic forces.  We know that she was possessed by 7 demons, which some commentators say that because the numbers 7 represents completion she was completely possessed.   We have no clue what opened her up to being possessed by demons.  We do know that the area she was from was known for prositution however, there is nothing in the Bible that teaches that she was a prositute although many say that she was.

To what we do know about her.  Once, Mary Magdalene was set free from the demons she was transformed immediately.  She left her old life behind and became a devoted follower of Jesus.  Everywhere He and His disciples went she went with Him.  Listening to His teachings and adjusting her life to what He said.  She is listed among the women that served and supported the ministry of Jesus.  Not only did she love Jesus but those that were with Him and loved being with them.  She was courageous, when the disciples fled after Jesus was arrested; she followed Him to the mock trial and to the cross.

I think that the proof of the fellowship that she had after the demons were cast out and her transformation is that she was the first one that Jesus appeared to after He rose from the dead even before He had ascended to the Father.  It was once He said her name that she realized He was alive.  I have a friend that is like a second mom to me. After moving to Texas I don’t get to see her except for when I go back to Arizona.  This last time I was with my Mom as we went into my friends store where my Mom shops every week.  Once we get back to her area I see her in the back room and I called out to her.  Once she heard my “Mom”, she knew it was me.  She said she has a lot of people that call her mom but their are two that she recognize and that is her daughter, my good friend, and mine.  This is what it is like for Mary at this point she knew it was Him by the way He said her name.  His love, God’s love had completely filled her.  No longer was there room for anything else in her life.  Can you imagine the joy in her heart as she ran to tell everyone else that He is alive?  That she had seen Him.

God seeks to transform lives with His love and through that transformation we are brought back into fellowship with Him.  Our past doesn’t matter to Him.  Like Mary, all that matters to Him is that we leave the past behind us. Stop letting it define us. Press in close to Him and follow Him with all that we have.

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