The Kung

As the story of Esther opens it reads like a soap opera.  You have partying, a rebeouis wife, anger managent issues, a murder plot, search for a new queen, jealousy, plot to commit genocide, the plot revealed, and quashed.  When you look at it who does the responsibility for all this fall up, the king.  As we see in this first chapter that he was ruled by his emotions, he allowed others to make policies for his kingdom and struggled with pride.

Ah, King Ahasuerus, when  we first see this king, he is the ruler over one of the largest empires, that stretched from Ethiopia to India. This includes modern day, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and  Lybia.  Now as we start the story about Esther we see that King Ahasuerus had invited all of the princes, his court and his army officers to the largest party ever that lasted 6 months.  During this time he showed off all his power and wealth.  Just think that it took him 6 months to show off all of is wealth and might, while we have all of eternity and will barely make a dent into God’s wealth and might.   One of the reasons that he threw this big party to make sure everyone was with him for his next planned take over, the Greek Empire. He ended this party with a 7 day banquet at the palace for everyone that lived in the capital city of Shushan.  He had declared that the finest wines to be served and in an unlimited supply.

Queen Vashti held her own banquet for the ladies to attend.  We are not given a reason why she did this but I’m guessing that she didn’t want to be around a bunch of drunk men.  There was no cultural rule that the women had to eat separate from the men, because we see in Nehemiah 2:1-6 that the queen was sitting next to the king at this party.  As we see on the seventh day the king was very drunk and had run out of things to show off so he sent 7 eunuchs to get the queen and bring her there to show off her beauty.  When the eunuchs told her to come with them wearing the crown she refused.  Many commentators say that she refused because he wanted her there wearing only her crown.  We end this week with a furious king when the eunuchs reported back the queens refusal.

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