Murder They Plotted

Not much is known about the job that Mordecai had working for the king other than it involved sitting at the gate.  This gave him the ability to hear news about Esther.  One day while sitting at the gate Mordecai over heard two eunuchs talking about how upset they were with the king.  They were so angry that they developed a plan to kill him.  Mordecai brought this to Esther’s attention and she told the king.  The king set out his own investigation into the matter and when he found it out to be true he had the two eunuchs hung.  Josephus says that the king had the scribes write down what happened and asked Mordecai to stay at the palace as a close friend.

We should never let anger take us to that point of where we want to kill someone.  We should always be willing to talk about it and deal with it instead of letting it fester in our hearts to the point we are willing to hurt the person we are angry at. 

This story shows that we never know who is watching us.  We always need to live a life that tis pleasing to God no matter where we are at.  People are watching us all the time that we never no about.  Are we living a life that others can see God in us and want us around or do we live a life that brings people down because of our negativity?  Our words have the power of life or death, remember to speak life.

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